Charleville Castle stands in Tullamore, the largest and principal town in Co. Offaly, which lies near the centre of Ireland.

At Charleville Castle we do everything we can to be part of the community's life, that is why we are always delighted to open our doors during local events.

It can be for the annual Phoenix Festival held in the middle of July in Tullamore, which sees its streets becoming colorful with various spectacles, live music and extreme events. The troop of Belly Dancers - The Red Embers - which trains at Charleville Castle usually perform during this important weekend in Tullamore's life.

We also welcome RAHAN Comhaltas Seisiun all throught the summer. Performers offer us evenings of traditional Irish music, song, dance and storytelling within the Gallery of Charleville Castle. In 2009, RAHAN Comhaltas Seisiun are held every Tuesday night, from 9pm to 11pm. 

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