Charleville Castle: haunted place?


At Charleville Castle, we believe that some ghosts are still around as strange goings-on have happened... 

The castle is reputed to be haunted by a little girl named Harriet, youngest daughter of the third Earl of Charleville, who died tragically in the main staircase of the building at the age of 8 in April 1861. Her presence in the castle has been reported many times by many different people... Singing in the middle of the night, laughing, screams, etc...Some people think they have caught her on their cameras as they can see shadows or mists on the pictures they took within the castle... Others have also said to have seen an image of a little girl with a blue and white dress, with golden curls with blue ribbons in the hair. 

For years, the castle has been investigated by numerous paranormal investigators and psychics from around the world. Charleville Castle appeared on Living TV's Most Haunted and ABC Family's Scariest Places On Earth, as well as on Ghost Hunters International.


Anyway, you have to make your own opinion on the question, here is another good reason to come and visit us! 


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